The Mama Circle

calm tattooed female hugging cute infant while sitting on plaid in room

Creating Space for Mamas to Create

As a producer I support communities to tell their stories, to connect through their common threads and to celebrate their differences.

When I became a mum, I realised that at the heart of the communities I have worked with for nearly twenty years are unsung, invisible superheroes… the mamas. Mothers the world over are nurturing their newborns, often in isolation and often at the expense of their own wellbeing.

I began to question how I can support these women and celebrate their momentous rite of passage into motherhood.

And so The Mama Circle was born. The Mama Circle delivers creative projects and women’s circles for both seasoned mamas and postpartum women with arts and ritual at the heart of the work.

The Lullaby Ensemble is the first of these projects, creating a space for women to sing beautiful folk lullabies together, from around the world, creating music, building villages and hopefully lulling babies off to sleep.

I am an accredited Mama Rising Facilitator, working with mothers with children of all ages to explore how matrescence has impacted their view of themselves, their relationships with others and the world. And if you haven’t heard of matrescence, there’s a great six minute TED talk you can watch here.

Alongside this, I am completing my postpartum doula training with Childbirth International and  offer services as to postnatal women in their homes. I nurture, hold space and bear witness to their emergence into motherhood through ceremony, nourishment, trained expertise and care.

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