Two Guys in a Box is a Smash Hit!

DogSpoon_6367Dog Spoon Theatre Company smashed box office targets with the premiere season of its first show ‘Two Guys in a Box’.

Laurel and Hardy meets Samuel Beckett. Matthias and Benny, two ordinary guys who live inside a box in the middle of a field somewhere. Their domestic world is a condensed comic cosmos. One day, for the first time in memory, the phone on the wall rings. What ensues is the weirdest day of their lives. Featuring Andrew Cory and Leon Cain, two of Brisbane’s best clowns, this new show uses a brilliant combination of clowning, dark comedy and satire to present a contemporary dystopian fairy tale.

Two Guys in a Box is an original concept by Andrew Cory and is a contemporary absurdist comedy written by Sue Rider and Andrew Cory. The work brings together highly visual clowning with a text that explores the human predicament of learning to live in an unpredictable universe.

The show began its life as a successful application to the 2017 Queensland Theatre’s Independents Program. This inaugural program funded the script development and two weeks’ creative development. Some of Queensland’s best theatre makers form the creative team, including Sean Mee, Josh McIntosh, Ben Hughes and Leon Cain.

The strength of the concept and calibre of the artists; gained Two Guys in a Box the attention of Brisbane Festival; which programmed the world premiere of the work in its Theatre Republic program.

Two Guys In A Box went on to become one of the most successful shows in Theatre Republic achieving a 90% box office over 5 nights. The work will receive further development in 2018 in preparation for national touring in 2019.

Lettering House Delivers Good News

When bad news stories are rife and you just can’t see how this is going to get better, happenings like The Lettering House restore your faith in humanity.

Woodford Folk Festival 2016 saw 135,000 people through its magnificent bamboo gates and over 7000 of these came into our 6m x 10m tent that was transformed into a vintage post office for a week.

The only dedicated writing space within the festival; The Lettering House sought to offer patrons a tranquil environment away from the chaos of the festival buzz in which to reconnect with the art of the handwritten letter. Posties delivered letters round the festival site to people they thought fit the description on the envelope; spreading joy and goodwill to recipients.

The simplicity of the handwritten letter and the joy it can bring should not be underestimated. When was the last time you wrote a letter? How did you feel the last time you received one?

How about letting the world slow down for a moment. Put on the kettle, settle into your favourite chair with a cuppa and write a letter to someone special. I promise you it will make you feel warm inside and will fill their cup as well.


The Lettering House



Morsels from the Heart a sell-out!

morsels from the heart landscapeThe word on the street is clearly that ‘Morsels from the Heart‘ is not to be missed, with tickets flying out the door within hours of being released on sale.

The writers have been busy on their scripts until their fingers hurt, the caterer is ordering the deliciously fresh ingredients and the actors are preparing to get into rehearsal.

Have you got your ticket?

Morsels from the Heart, La Boite, Thursday 18 February 2016, 6.30pm